Being on television is not a dream anymore.

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The new frontier of television communication.

TV&TV (6Mia srl) is the first television start-up created to give a strong and universal voice to all those who have always wanted to appear and present themselves on television but have never had the concrete possibility.

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The power of television

If when you publish your videos online you can not reach more than a few hundred views or if you've always dreamed of being able to present yourself on television - TV&TV is the right platform for you!

Freedom of transmission

TV&TV opens the doors of television to anyone who wants to go beyond being only a spectator. With TV&TV you are free to broadcast and share your videos and programs on TV, show off your talents, promote your business and finally get the visibility you've always looked for.

Monetize through ads

If you already have sponsors or know someone who would like to advertise on television, you can insert their advertising directly into your video and keep 100% of the proceeds. (You can insert promotional messages up to a maximum of 20% of the overall duration of your program)

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Go beyond the web, transmit on Televisione

Being on television is no longer a privilege for a few. Whether you are a Vlogger, have an activity you want to make known or simply want to share your ideas and opinions - television is the right platform for you.

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