With TV&TV you are the protagonist!

Become editor and producer of your own program on television - transmit whatever you have an interest in saying and showcasing and reach the visibility that you've always seeked.

All videos are viewed and approved prior their final transmission. (Read the full terms and conditions here)

What you can transmit

On TV&TV's channel you are free to broadcast what you want as long as in the respect of the law, the others and our terms and conditions.

  • Own artistic performances of any kind, related to any hobby, art or sport.

  • Own weekly columns or Vlogs of any kind and on any subject.

  • Tutorial and anything else similar provided that is in compliance with the general rules.

  • Criticisms or approvals related to anyone including politicians, politics, measures, authorities, events, society in general.

  • Tenders or parts of competitions provided that you have the right to broadcast the video.

  • Exhibitions by third parties, provided that you have the right to broadcast the video.

  • Requests or offers of any kind and type, for example, sale, purchase, work, provided that promote products made personally.

  • News, gossip, talk in general provided that exposed in accordance with the general terms.

  • Complaints and protests of any kind provided they are addressed in a language that complies with the general conditions.

  • Expression of one's own ideas or social or political proposals, social or political self-promotion with exclusion to time periods reserved for par conditio.

  • and much more! If you are not sure whether your programs are suitable for television transmission write to us at info@tvandtv.com.

What you cannot transmit

  • Any violation of any law, national or local.

  • Insults or vulgar or scurrilous sentences against anyone.

  • Invitations to send money for any reason other than the purchase of goods or services. Invitations to purchase services of magic and / or forecasts of the lot or similar are also not allowed.

  • Blasphemies of any kind and referring to any religious beliefs.

  • Prevurrent or habitual scurril words.

  • Obscene images. We do not mean "obscene" nude images if they are relevant to what the video expresses but however they can not represent the main aspect of the video itself.

  • Any form of religious, sexual or racial discrimination.

  • Exposure of arms if not in the forms authorized by the relevant rules.

  • Threats towards anyone in any way or form expressed.

  • Any invitation to viewers to perform any action that is not legal or harmful to the body or for the psychological balance of themselves or those watching the television program.

  • Read our full terms and conditions here.

Go beyond the web, transmit on Television

Being on television is no longer a privilege for a few. Whether you are a Vlogger, have an activity you want to make known or simply want to share your ideas and opinions - television is the right platform for you.