Earn money through sponsored ads

Promote the activity of friends and sponsors during your program on television and keep 100% of the proceed you generate.

Manage your ads easily and autonomously

Television advertising remains today the most efficient and seeked platform to promote one's business and activity - yet hindering costs make it hard to easily access it. TV&TV allows you to manage autonomously the advertising impressions of your sposnors or friends directly inside your television program.

Invite friends and business to promote on television

Promote their activity during your television broadcast

(For up to a maximum of 20% of the overall duration of your program)

Keep 100% of the proceeds you generate

Go beyond the web, transmit on Television

Being on television is no longer a privilege for a few. Whether you are a Vlogger, have an activity you want to make known or simply want to share your ideas and opinions - television is the right platform for you.